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Ansel Adams

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Hello Friends!

I came across this post from 2015 and first thought, “YIKES, it needs some editing!”

And once I had done that I thought, “Nice. Let’s repost with an update at the end.” So here it is 🙂

Awk! Moving into week three of a nicotine and cigarette free existence. It has not been easy for me to set aside my best friend of the last four decades. Not a single night has gone by in these past weeks that I haven’t dreamed of smoking a cigarette. Still, once I decide to do a thing, I see it through to the end. To help with my rehab I’ve been doing my best to keep my mind and body active. Visiting my favorite garden spots, my local Zoo and just walking around town has helped. While browsing through a the local thrift store I picked up a used book on Ansel Adams, the greatest Landscape Photographer of the nineteenth century. It reminded me of how much I love the great outdoors and how I too would love to explore this beautiful country of ours while we still have unspoiled places left to see. Perhaps I could, as Ansel Adams did, inspire others to love it and want to protect it.

In the words of James Alinder, Ansel Adams was a leader in the environmental movement, an impressive musician, a writer of significance, an organizer of support groups, an effective teacher, an aesthetic theorist, a liaison between creative photography and the general public, a systematizer of photography technique, a benefactor of photography and a force that became a symbol of a life well spent.”

One of the many things so remarkable about Adams is the medium of black and white photography that he chose for his art, even after the invention of color film. I have alway admired that and have, in my own amateurish way tried to emulate him.

To quote John Szarkowski who co-authored Ansel Adams: Classic Images, Ansel Adams discovered that the natural world is infinitely varied in aspect, constantly potential, evanescent; that its grand vistas and its microcosms are never twice the same; that the landscape is not only a place but an event.”

If you would like to learn more about Ansel Adams and /or view his body of work go to


2017-02-11 RockyPoint2Ew

Trail Off Rocky Point Road At Sunset by K. L. Parry

UPDATE March 20, 2017. I am happy to say that I am still a non-smoker and I no longer dream of smoking a cigarette. In fact I rarely ever think of it. I have to give credit for this to a book I read, The Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. I highly recommend it. I also have bought a DSLR Camera and am currently enrolled in a photography class as I start to pursue a photography career. Follow your dreams, friends ☮



Ditching Dangerous Plastics


Does this picture of a delicious hamburger get your attention? I made this for my family not knowing that many of its components were in all probability contaminated with PBA, PBS, phthalates, and ADA, a food grade plastic used as a dough softener, all known toxins to humans and animals.

If concerns over our planet’s inability to digest plastics hasn’t given you cause enough to limit your use of them, maybe this will. According to Dr Harvey Karp, pediatrician and author of bestselling parenting guide series, The Happiest Baby, there may be a link between Autism and the chemicals found in plastics known as BPA and BPS. These chemicals have been used commercially since 1957 employed in plastics, watertight resins, as coating inside food and beverage cans, and in thermal paper used in many modern cash registers for printing out receipts.

It is known that these two chemicals, BPA, BPS and phthalates which are another group of elements used in plastics, when present in the body mimic our own hormones and can actually alter certain functions in the prostate, breast, testis, mammary glands, as well as brain structure and brain chemistry. These chemicals when first introduced, were not considered harmful. Scientist then had no idea just how dependent we would become on plastics, and how much of its chemical components would be ingested, absorbed and inhaled by the general population. Now BPA, BPS and phthalates are present in nearly every food storage container, every canned good and every water bottle produced. Phthalates can even be found in the dust in our homes.

Quoting an article from WebMD, “The amounts are small, says Laura Vandenberg, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in biology at Tufts University in Boston. “But almost any plastic container can be expected to leach trace amounts of plastics into food.” This leaching is compounded when the container is heated. Add to that, the acidity, salt and fat in the foods being stored within the container and you can expect a higher absorption level.

Think it is safer to eat in restaurants? You may be surprised to learn that many restaurants, particularly franchised/chain restaurants, serve pre prepared meals packaged in plastic “boil-in-bag”pouches. That delicious Lamb in Gravy Sauce you just ordered may have been prepared in a factory kitchen, sealed in a plastic bag, frozen and then shipped to the restaurant. It will be heated in that same plastic bag before it is served to you along with a dose of chemicals and plastic.

Reports like the ones cited here and others on the toxicity of plastics in humans and animals, only adds to concerns about our overuse of plastics. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to avoid its use entirely, but there are some things we can do to reduce our exposure and thus reduce the health risks. That is why I am ditching the plastics and challenging you to do the same. No more baggies, plastic wrap, plastic storage containers, plastic water bottles and plastic cooking utensils. Say no to “boil-in-bag” foods at your favorite restaurants. Instead, order foods from the menu that use fresh ingredients. Opt for safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics such as glass for food storage. And avoid canned goods when possible.

For the health of you, your family and our planet, ditch the plastics!

K. L. Parry

Reference materials:


National Indie Author Day – What I Learned


Hello Friends!

I’m excited to tell you that October 8th was not only Yard Sale Weekend in Burbank but also National Indie Author Day.


Unfortunately, I had to drive into L.A. to find a Library that was hosting events.  I did lose myself in a maze of narrow twisty streets and had to check-in at the Chinatown Branch to get further directions to L.A.’s Central Library.

Navigation and this new wine app someone told me about may be the things to finally convince me to buy a cell phone.

Well, I did finally get there and was not disappointed with the list of speakers, ranging from Authors to a top name marketing expert and a publishing house rep. I had a lovely but brief conversation about book cover designs with Darcy Fray. She’s an author/artist whose images and graphics adorn websites and album covers. After discovering she had designed her own book cover I showed her a picture of mine, I conveniently had it at hand. She very graciously gave me a few suggestions to make it even better and offered encouragement that I continue on with my own book cover designs.

That was awesome!  


However, the design tip was only the whipped cream topping on the Hot Fudge Sunday I left with. I now have pages of notes, ideas and a plan to put together a plan of action with regards to marketing my books.

So, what did I learn today?  The most encouraging thing was this: I can make a living as an Indie Author if I put out a quality product and market it the right way.

I’ll be sharing more of what I learned in the coming weeks so check back with me or click on the follow button and you’ll be notified of my next post. 🙂

Keep up the good work Indies!

~ K. L. Parry





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