Ansel Adams

by klparry

th-1Featured Image by Ansel Adams

Hello Friends!

I came across this post from 2015 and first thought, ā€œYIKES, it needs some editing!ā€

And once I had done that I thought, ā€œNice. Letā€™s repost with an update at the end.ā€ So here it is šŸ™‚

Awk! Moving into week three of a nicotine and cigarette free existence. It has not been easy for me to set aside my best friend of the last four decades. Not a single night has gone by in these past weeks that I havenā€™t dreamed of smoking a cigarette. Still, once I decide to do a thing, I see it through to the end. To help with my rehab Iā€™ve been doing my best to keep my mind and body active. Visiting my favorite garden spots, my local Zoo and just walking around town has helped. While browsing through a the local thrift store I picked up a used book on Ansel Adams, the greatest Landscape Photographer of the nineteenth century. It reminded me of how much I love the great outdoors and how I too would love to explore this beautiful country of ours while we still have unspoiled places left to see. Perhaps I could, as Ansel Adams did, inspire others to love it and want to protect it.

In the words of James Alinder, ā€œAnsel Adams was a leader in theĀ environmentalĀ movement, an impressiveĀ musician, a writer of significance, an organizer of support groups, an effective teacher, an aesthetic theorist, aĀ liaisonĀ between creative photography and the general public, a systematizer of photography technique, aĀ benefactor of photography and a force that became a symbol of a life well spent.ā€

One of the many things so remarkable about Adams is the medium of black and white photography that he chose for his art, even after the invention of color film. I have alway admired that and have, in my own amateurish way tried to emulate him.

To quote John Szarkowski who co-authored Ansel Adams: Classic Images, ā€œAnsel Adams discovered that the natural world is infinitely varied in aspect, constantly potential, evanescent; that its grand vistas and its microcosms are never twice the same; that the landscape is not only a place but an event.ā€

If you would like to learn more about Ansel Adams and /or view his body of work go to


2017-02-11 RockyPoint2Ew

Trail Off Rocky Point Road At Sunset by K. L. Parry

UPDATE March 20, 2017. I am happy to say that I am still a non-smoker and I no longer dream of smoking a cigarette. In fact I rarely ever think of it. I have to give credit for this to a book I read, The Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. I highly recommendĀ it. I also have bought a DSLRĀ Camera and am currently enrolled in a photography class as I start to pursue a photography career. Follow your dreams, friendsĀ ā˜®