National Indie Author Day – What I Learned

by klparry


Hello Friends!

I’m excited to tell you that October 8th was not only Yard Sale Weekend in Burbank but also National Indie Author Day.


Unfortunately, I had to drive into L.A. to find a Library that was hosting events.  I did lose myself in a maze of narrow twisty streets and had to check-in at the Chinatown Branch to get further directions to L.A.’s Central Library.

Navigation and this new wine app someone told me about may be the things to finally convince me to buy a cell phone.

Well, I did finally get there and was not disappointed with the list of speakers, ranging from Authors to a top name marketing expert and a publishing house rep. I had a lovely but brief conversation about book cover designs with Darcy Fray. She’s an author/artist whose images and graphics adorn websites and album covers. After discovering she had designed her own book cover I showed her a picture of mine, I conveniently had it at hand. She very graciously gave me a few suggestions to make it even better and offered encouragement that I continue on with my own book cover designs.

That was awesome!  


However, the design tip was only the whipped cream topping on the Hot Fudge Sunday I left with. I now have pages of notes, ideas and a plan to put together a plan of action with regards to marketing my books.

So, what did I learn today?  The most encouraging thing was this: I can make a living as an Indie Author if I put out a quality product and market it the right way.

I’ll be sharing more of what I learned in the coming weeks so check back with me or click on the follow button and you’ll be notified of my next post. 🙂

Keep up the good work Indies!

~ K. L. Parry