Love Ride 2015, Foo Fighters and Jellybeans. Intrigued?

by klparry


Have you ever wanted to attend the Love Ride. Well, if you didn’t make it to this last one, you’re too late. Sunday, October 18, 2015 marked an end to the largest, one-day motorcycle fundraising event on the planet, with the 32nd Glendale Harley-Davidson Love Ride. This year’s event, benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project, was a sell-out. I would give some credit for that to such sponsors as JACK 93.1 who promoted the “jellybeans” out of it! “Jellybeans” is Foo Fighters, David Grohl synonym for the F-word. That is, after his daughter called him out for dropping it too many times.

But as much as it was a success, with what had to be record breaking attendance at the Castaic Lake location, it was a disaster for some attendees. I was with friends in-line for one of the ten, or so, food trucks on site. For two hours we stood on-line, barely making it to the half-way point, before we finally gave up on getting anything to eat. Some of you may have seen me. I was the one under the shiny silver space blanket.

Yes, I said space blanket.

No, it didn’t concern me that I might look silly. Science is cool…in reference to how a space blanket works…and sunburn is not.

It is unfortunate this year’s organizers were not able to handle the needs of their maximum capacity crowd. Aside from intolerable food lines, the beer ran out before Foo Fighters ever took the stage. Not that I drink beer, that isn’t gluten-free, often. But, really? The only thing that seemed to be in ample supply was the free potable water. Thank God there was plenty of it.


That being said, there were amazing performances by  Foo Fighters and Social Distortion that kept everyone there and not heading for the nearest Micky D’s. Of course, my personal favorite was Foo Fighters, mixing it up with their own chart toppers and cover-classics from Rod StewartDavid Bowie and Tom Petty, to name a few. Foo Fighters front man, David Grohl, gave an energetic performance despite the fact that most of it was done from a throne fashioned to look like a chopper. Did I mention, he has a broken leg? Hence the need to sit. He broke the leg four months ago while preforming in Sweden. And speaking of the throne, I thought it fitting that David sit one. He and drummer,Taylor Hawkins, have been huge supporters of the Love Ride, preforming at three of the five events that I have attended. Taylor had his own throne, a sweet pink drum set which went so well with that pretty blonde hair of his.

Oh la la, baby!


So, was this the best time I’ve had at a Love Ride?

No. Definitely, not. But, I am glad I attended. I would not have wanted to miss it.

A big thanks to Oliver Shokouh who started this whole crazy thing and to the many volunteers who made it possible.



~ K. L. Parry,  author of this blog and…


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