Self-Published Author Makes It BIG!

by klparry


Hello Friends!

Today I was happy to read how the Ridley Scott movie, The Martian, staring Matt Damon, is doing in theaters with box office projections plotting the film’s success to exceed that of 2013’s Gravity.

I saw this film in a pre-release screening over the summer, before all of the special effects were in place, and even then I knew it would be a block-buster film. What I didn’t know and have just recently learned is that this film is based on a book by American author, Andy Weir who…

…wait for it…


That’s right. And what a great success story it is.  Andy Weir’s first novel, an ebook, he self-published on Amazon with a list price of 99cents, rockets to the top. Now he’s a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Of course, it didn’t happen overnight. His book sales had first to built enough to gain a top spot on Amazon Kindle’s Best Seller List before a traditional publisher picked him up.

Now, I won’t go on to explain how the novel began as a blog series.

Oh! Look what I just did there. Bloggers can take heart, too.

To learn more about Andy Weir you can click on the link in this sentence. Or check out one of the Video Interviews to be found on youtube.

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