A Week in My Life – RATS!!!

by klparry

Hello Friends!

So, I thought I would share with you a series of post from my Facebook page. It documents a funny/weird and, for a while there, disgusting situation I had to deal with last week. I’ve included some of the more funny comments.

Until next time,

K.L. Parry

September 2, 22:28

Un-freaking-believable! There is a rat running amuck in my apartment. I thought there might be a dead one behind my fridge so I pulled it out to find lots of evidence of a longtime tenant. I cleaned it up…yucky. Placed some sticky traps and as I was putting everything back in place the darn thing ran across my leg, scaring me half to death. I thought he went back to his home in the fridge but nooooo. He made his way into my BEDROOM! I found him sitting on my table! I have my cats to thank for this unwanted guest. SHIT!


  • KITTY –  I had the same happen too. One of my cats brought in a live bird that was flying all over the house. Got a love those pesky cats. smile emoticon
  • JUDY –  Omg!…..that’s crazy shit!
  • TANYA –  That’s why I don NOT do Cats!!!….they are sneaky, and I would DIE if I saw a Rat in my house….
  • KATHLEEN –  Yuck!
  • COLLEEN –  Well, I can’t “like” this. Oh, that sounds horrible. I know exactly what I would do in your situation: FREAK! Hope you find a good pest control company! SHUDDER…

September 3, 9:13

 So, from what I can deduce, Cleo has the RAT trapped under my…(cringing here)…nightstand. I’m on the front porch with cigarette and coffee in hand, trying to formulate a plan on how to get it out. Any suggestions?


  • CAROL – After your cat kills it…..shovel! Go Cleo!
  • TANYA –  Yes grab your stuff and move
  • MARK –  I can come over with my gun
  • CYNTHIA –  Rat zapper. It will kill that sucker within a few hours.
  • CYNTHIA –  Or burn the house down
  • TANYA – Yes grab your stuff and move!
  • K. L.  Hum… All good suggestions, lol!
  • BETTY – Burn down the house and move in with CYNTHIA

K.L. celebrating success

Sept 3, 12:22

 Yeah! RAT is out! I got the brilliant idea to carry my nightstand outside where the RAT had been hiding in the drawers. All injuries were avoided.


  • MICHELLE –  I didnt want the rat to die. Poor lil guy. Not his fault lol
    • K. L. – Me neither. But if I couldn’t catch him, I had the traps. You have no idea how much one rat can poop. Yikes!
  • SUZAN – Good job! Now how to prevent this from happening again.
    • K. L. – Ha! Fat chance of that, lol!
  • TAMARA –  wink emoticon
  • 11987134_10206370103404564_881904040777014698_n
  • K. L. – LOL! TAMARA! I think his name was Willard.
    • K. L. I really want to watch that again wink emoticon

September 5, 11:17

Breaking News from Ratlandia. This morning a female rat was found dead outside the Parry residence. Investigators suspect foul play and are seeking two local cats in connection with the death. Though the Rat remains unidentified, it is believed to be one who was recently evicted from the Parry home and was perhaps seeking reentry when it was attacked by unknown assailants. When asked by this reporter, K.L. Parry was quoted as stating, “I had nothing to do with it. I just wanted the Rat out of my apartment. I never wanted it dead!” She has been asked by authorities to remain available for further questioning.