What I Did Over My Labor Day Holiday

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend. I celebrated with friends by not laboring and visited my local movie theater to see “The Man From Uncle”. Woo hoo! Now that’s my kind of movie. Lots of stunts, some intrigue, some adventure and plenty of action. I am definitely one who wants to be entertained at the theater. I can even let a shaky plot slide by if I find myself engaged and entertained by the characters. Which, was not the case here. Good plot and all.

I wanted to share a cool post I came across on Penguin Teen’s Twitter page, My Favorite Fictional Anti-Heros. http://librarianstyle.com/2015/09/08/my-favorite-fictional-anti-heroes-giveaway/

So, that’s it. Back to work on book release prepping and writing that first draft of the next “High Seas Adventure.” Have a great week all!

K.L. Parry 🙂