Official Release Date

by klparry

4IPDimagefinal5Hello Friends!

YEAH! I have just finished putting the final touches on The Pirate’s Daughter And A King’s Ransom. It has been five years since I completed that first draft; thinking I had just written the next “Great American Novel”. That first draft was nearly illegible but I was so proud of it. Along the way I have made every mistake an author could make, but it was all worth it. Now all there is for me to do is get the manuscript formatted for Kindle, uploaded and away we go. My official release date is September 22nd, the last day of Summer.

In celebration of my accomplishment, today I treated myself to some Potato-stuffed Jalapenos and Chicken Tortilla Soup from a local diner here in Burbank, The Coral Cafe. I had it delivered.

So delicious. So fattening. So what! You’ve gotta live a little!

I have started work on the next High Seas Adventure. The working title is The Pirates Daughter And The Treasure Of Dionysus. Pronounced, Dee-oh-nee-sus, I think. I found this site that has a speaker pronounce words for you. It’s great! Check it out.

Well, folks, that’s it for this week. Write on!

K. L. Parry