Cinderella the Movie

by klparry


Hello Friends!

Well, I did it. I went with my sister and friend Joan, visiting here from Florida, to see Cinderella at my local theater. I could not have been more pleased with what I watched.

The film shows the story of Cinderella in classic style with a sweet message telling us to be kind, there is strength in kindness, and have courage. I was so relieved that Hollywood didn’t sex it up or darken the story line to make it more edgy. The casting was perfect, every inch of footage was visually stunning, and the entire cast delivered five star performances. And, I can’t forget the costuming…

…I am making myself that blue chiffon dress and another for my sister. We will find some place to wear them to 😉

A film for all ages. GO SEE IT!

Until next week,

K.L. Parry