Jupiter Ascending – 3D – See It!

by klparry


She’s just an ordinary girl, but WAIT! Jupiter Jones is far from ordinary, born on a freighter in the middle of the ocean after her family flees a violent incident in Russia that leaves Jupiter fatherless and shatters her mother’s faith in humanity.

What a way to start a story! And, within the first 15 minutes of the film, its creators, the Wachowski’s, open my heart to Jupiter.

I wish I could have seen a little more of this subplot explored and been shown some connection – some familial similarities – between her family on earth and the one we soon learn she is genetically connected to – and not in the way one might expect.

But my mind isn’t allowed to ponder this for long when I am suddenly reminded that this is a Science Fiction and the story takes a “Twilight Zone” twist that I think even Rob Sterling would have enjoyed. Now it’s no longer the tragic tale of illegal immigrants trying to eek out a living cleaning Penthouses for Chicago’s upper crust but the story of Earth’s creation as a capitalistic venture.

Yes, Dearies. It is all about the profits one powerful outer-galatic family could lose if Jupiter claims her inheritance – Earth.

“Woah!” you say, and “How did we get here?”

We got here by way of some incredible special effects, makeup and brilliant C.G. work as well as an action packed story line. OMGoodness, I was riveted to the screen, afraid to go pee for fear I would miss something crucial.

Mila Kunis dives into the role as Jupiter Jones, to lead us through this epic, high-flying, fast paced, thrilling adventure. And, oh, yes, there is a love story too, between human hybrid Caine played by Channing Tatum, which I found believable, after all, he is part wolf – loyal and devoted to the woman he’s not allowed to love.

I was really so intrigued by the many sub-plots that could have been more thoroughly explored had this story not been restricted to a 2 hour movie. For me, it was not enough time for this epic tale to unfold which made a significant portion of the film feel rushed. So, my complaint is this, there wasn’t enough movie – I wanted more. More about the dynastic empire who turns planets into farms for humans, more about the hybrids, more, more, more. There were so many things in this sci-fi world that I found fascinating.

Yes, an episodic series, or something along that line would be awesome!!!

Yeah, take it, Wachowskis. That one is a freebie.

So, in conclusion, I really liked Jupiter Ascending in 3D, a visually stunning film, although I thought it rushed and would have gladly sat through another hour of movie time to see subplots developed.

Hum, is there a director’s cut?

Until next week,

~ K.L. Parry