Part 4: Continuity of Plot

by klparry

Hello Friends and welcome back for the fourth part in my series on Continuity in Fiction. 

Continuity in plot allows your character or characters to progress through the story to the end in a way that makes sense to the reader.

In 2010 I finished writing the first draft of a novel. But it wasn’t until this year, 2015 that I really understood the story’s overall theme and message. Up until then, I had not fully understood my characters.

Show the reader why your character decides to take action and what leads them to take another. Be the detective and examine your character’s personality and motivations. Show their personal growth through the story.

I believe a great story should not only be character driven but that there is a sensible progression to the plot that brings it all together. Strongly defined character, descriptive setting and a plot that follows a progression that seems natural to the characters with a poignant finish is what makes great fiction.

Until next week, Write On!

K. L. Parry