Bake Cookies, String Lights and Live

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I am writing to you on my Kindle from my front porch, sipping on a hard cider, smoking a bummed cigarette and, well, just enjoying the quite of the evening. The moon is full, the night is cool and there is only the occasional passing car on my normally busy street. This is my time to wine-down and reflect on the day. It’s something I find imperative particularly during this busy holiday season.

Right now, during these quiet moments is when I really want to write – when I don’t have the distractions of lists, projects and events both personal and work related, to contend with. But wanting and actually having the time to write are two separate things and right now I need rest. So I’ll say good night and not feel guilty for neglecting my love, my writing. And I’ll say the same to you. Don’t berate yourself for not having time to do everything. Writing will wait. In the meantime, live – enjoy the season, your family, your friends. Bake cookies, string lights, sign cards and have some fun because January is only a month away.

Until next week, Write On!

K. L. Parry 🙂