Writing Stories That Others Want To Read

by klparry


Hello Friends.

This morning I read a short news blurb about a couple, both in their late eighties, living in the United Kingdom. They met as teenagers and began a romance that would survive one’s service in two theaters during World War II. After the war, they married and remained together for 65 years until one fell sick and passed away. According to this article, the other passed on 10 minutes later, though he had no obvious health issues. This husband stated that he and his wife were soul mates. And it seems obvious that he could not continue on without her.

Now, there is a life story I’d like to read.

As a writer, do you concern yourself with writing stories that others would want to read?

You should.


Until next week, Write On!

Harry and Mavis Stevenson

~ K. L. Parry