by klparry

No. Not my post, silly. Read your own writing aloud.

Hello Friends.

I can not remember where I first read this choice bit of advice but I have heard it repeated time and time again. It really is one of the best ways to work out an awkward sentence and/or put that last bit of polish on your final draft.

If you’ve done any amount of writing you know how the mind plays tricks by allowing you to read misspelled words or awkward phrase without catching it. There are all sorts of brain teasers posted across the internet that demonstrate this.

When you read aloud, you are restricting that higher function by reading only the words that are actually before you and not allowing for that “auto-correct” brain function to take over. This is so helpful and really allows you to get a sense of not only what mistakes were made but how well your words flow. If it easily rolls off the tongue, then it’s done!

Below is a little brain teaser I plucked from FB. I’d love to give someone credit, but don’t know who wrote it. Enjoy.

Until next week, WRITE ON!

~K. L. Parry