Brittany Maynard Is Going To Die

by klparry


Hello Friends!

I’d like to touch on a subject that I would not normally broach on this blog. It has to do with life, death and one woman’s decision to meet both on her own terms.

Meet 29-year-old Brittany Maynard. Brittany is going to die on November 1, 2014. She knows this because it is the day she has chosen.

Newlywed Brittany was diagnosed earlier this year with an extremely aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. There is no cure, no chance of regression, only the knowledge that without access to “dignity-with-death care” she would be facing a wasting and painful end.

As stated in an article written by Rachel Schwartz at Action News in Philadelphia, Brittany says this choice is not suicide.

“There is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die. I want to live. I wish there was a cure for my disease but there’s not.”

And it is because she wants the option of sparing herself and her family that pain, that she and her husband have moved from California to Oregon – one of the five states that currently have in place “death-with-dignity laws”.

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~ K. L. Parry