5 Writing Tips

by klparry


“I see dead people.”

“Oops, my mistake. It’s just one of the casts from the Pompeii Exhibit on display at the California Science Museum.”

Hello Friends!

This morning I came across an article posted on Writer’s Digest by journalist and novelist, Kira Piekoff, giving 5 tips on writing suspense.

Once I read it, I realized that her tips not only apply to suspense but to other genres of writing as well.

Here is a quote from her article.

1) Structure Scenes like Mini-Novels: Each one should contain its own narrative arc, with rising action and a climactic moment that signals the end of the chapter. It’s good form to finish most chapters on a cliffhanger—especially the first one.

If you would like to read more tips from Kira Piekoff you can follow the link I’ve provided below.


Until next week, WRITE ON!

~ K. L. Parry