Have You An Author Bio? You Should.

by klparry

Hello Friends!

While looking for inspiration for today’s post, I came across an article on writing an Author Bio. Now, if you haven’t one and intend at some point in your lifetime to publish anything in any manner, you should have a biography or – as we like to call it in the world of abbreviations were people are too lazy to spell the entire word – bio.

If you are like me, you might have several versions floating around in the ether-world; all rather lack luster and not really doing you justice.

How about we do something about that…hum?

First of all there are several sizes of bios. There is the super brief bio used when you have a limited word count for sites like Twitter, and the expanded version that gives a little more history on the writer. It would be used in a query. Then there is the full length bio which touches on childhood and how many cats you have.

In this post, I want to focus on a mid-length bio.

Here is what I have compiled after doing some research – using myself as an example.

1. Pick first person or third person POV – both seem to be acceptable.

* I am going to use third person.

2. State your name and something personal about you that is relevant to your writing and may help you stand out.

Example: K. L. Parry has a 10 year history as a performer in the Renaissance and Fantasy Fair circuit. She specialized in Rosinback Riding and horse related performances throughout California including a brief engagement with Circus Flora, based in Saint Louis, Missouri. 

* K.L. Parry is my author name so this is the one I use.

* Though I am no longer a performer in this field, the fact that I was makes me unique and shows that I have knowledge of the time period I write about in my novel.

3. List your writing experience, accolades and any groups you belong to that pertain to your written works. 

Example: Not surprisingly, her first novel is YA historical/fantasy/adventure set in the late 1600’s. She has also written a novelette length, YA science fiction/thriller and is the author of the bi-weekly blog, ‘Following The Dream’, where she shares writing advice, links of interest and her own personal adventures. She is a founding member and regular attendee of a writers critique group. Her formal education includes attendance to Pierce College, in Woodland Hills, Ca. She majored in Fine Arts with a minor in English. She completed one year of studies.

* Since I do not have any formal writing experience to speak of, I listed what writing I have done.

4. Make sure that everything you write in your bio is verifiable – do not make stuff up, and keep it on point.

And whatever you do, DO NOT write that you have always been or always wanted to be a writer. Everyone already knows that 😉

Well, it looks like my new bio reads better than my old. I’ll keep working on mine. Now, get to work on yours.

Until next week – there will be no further post this week – WRITE ON!

~ K. L. Parry


K.L. Parry preforming a Suicide Drag - sometime referred to as a 'lay-back'.

K.L. Parry performing a Suicide Drag – sometime referred to as a ‘lay-back’.