by klparry



View From A Train – Photo by K. L. Parry

Hello Friends!

Have you checked out Scriggler?

I must confess that I have only just visited this site but I like what I saw and what the site offers writers.

Here is a small excerpt from a post written by Dmitry Selemir, briefly explaining Scriggler.

Scriggler is a social network, publishing and blogging platform for anyone who wants to write and read on any topic in any level of detail. Calling all writers and bloggers! Any subject, from fiction to poetry, from science to politics, from book reviews to philosophy. Grow your audience, interact with them and learn who they are, through detailed stats on geography, age groups, gender and more. Trend setters! You can form a club and select the best or most relevant publications for that club, like running your own magazine. – See more at:

Check it out for yourself. It is FREE to join.

Until next week, WRITE ON!

~ K. L. Parry