Crushing On Eric Northman

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Do forgive my absence last Thursday – I was sick. The “running for the bathroom” kind of sick. Yup, you know what I mean. What made matters worse is that I did it to myself a second time not realizing that what I had mistaken for stomach flu was in fact, food poisoning – caused by tainted broccoli I had purchased at a road-side stand.

Broccoli, of all things!

It’s going to be a while before I can eat it again. Too bad too because I love that stuff.

The upside is that not only did I lose a few pounds, but I also got the opportunity to rediscover my love/lust for a particular fictional character while bingeing on the first three episodes of the HBO Series True Blood.

Now, let me back up a bit to three or more years ago when I first discovered the Sookie Stackhouse novels written by Charlene Harris, for which True Blood is based on. It was just two weeks after my oldest son’s horrific accident – he’d been ejected from his motorcycle while crossing a bridge, falling 40-something feet to land on a freeway on-ramp. The force crushed his heart. Had it not been for a fast acting witness who called police and blocked traffic, and the brilliant Emergency Room Doctor who recognized my son’s heart injury amidst all his other obvious wounds, my son would not be here today, thriving, and on his way to earning his own doctorate.

I think it needless to say – but I will for effect – that the days and weeks that followed were difficult – the anxiety and worry, nearly intolerable. And, I needed an escape from that. I found it in a collection of 8 paperback books on a shelf in my son’s Los Angeles home. Their titles included Dead Until Dark and Dead As A Doornail.

During the weeks of my son’s convalescence, while I saw to his post-hospital recovery, I read every single one of those, campy vampire books. While my first-born slept through morphine induced dreams, I followed Sookie through her larger than life adventures, experienced the stirring of romance and fell in love with a strong and passionate rogue of a vampire, Eric Northman.

Well, as I’ve said, my son did recover and my normal life resumed, and my fictional love was discarded along with the worn paperback books. That is, until this last week when, with aching belly, I retired to my couch to watch Season One of True Blood and got my first look at Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman. HBO could not have chosen better! Skarsgard’s portrayal of the 2,000 year-old viking vampire is “right on” and just as I imagined him to be – leaving me with my first ever “Star” crush and rushing to the computer to check out his profile on IMDb.


Oh, Eric!

Thank you Alexander, HBO and Charlene for helping a girl out 😉

Until next week, Write On!

~ K. L. Parry