Guilty Pleasures of Successful Authors

by klparry

Hello Friends!

We all have a few guilty pleasures, you know, things we like but don’t tell anyone about. I thought it would be entertaining to discover those of several successful authors and share them with you.

Now, not that I am a successful author – yet, but one of my guilty pleasures is watching The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette – which ever one is airing at the time

Stephanie Evanovich, author of The Sweet Spot, loves Mega M & M’s.

Krista Ames, author of Harper’s Wish, enjoys the TV series GRIMM. So much so, that she would like to be a Grimm.

Junot Díaz,  who won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, is into comic books, and in particular the 18 volume series; Monster.

Nelson DeMille, author of  The General’s Daughter and 17 more acclaimed works, enjoys reading this sarcastic publication: Our Dumb World: The Onion’s Atlas of the Planet Earth, Seventy-Third Edition.

Chris Bohjalian, the author of The Light in the Ruins and other fictions, loves, loves, loves peanut butter and sugar-free Red Bull.

Now that you know their’s, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

Until Thursday, Write On!

~ K. L. Parry