Successful Authors and Their Bad Habits

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I came across a post from Literary Agent and Author Rachelle Gardner, that I thought was so great I had to share it. The post is titled “7 (Bad) Habits of Highly Successful Authors” and can be found on the blog “Books and Such“.

I found it encouraging to discover that even highly successful authors find difficulty following the good advise that is repeated in every blog, book and class on writing.

Take a few minutes and follow the link. It might make your day.

Here is a quote from Rachelle’s Gardner’s post.

“Everyone knows this, but it doesn’t matter. Once a person adds the word “writer” behind their name, it’s all over. Any patience they enjoyed heretofore in their non-writerly life flies out the window. Almost all writers are, shall we say, less patient than they wish they were. But still, somehow, they make it through.” – from 7 (Bad) Habits of Highly Successful Authors by Rachelle Gardner

Until Monday, Write On!

~ K. L. Parry