Girl in the Mermaid Tail – Part 5

by klparry

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img002A Star

Girl in the Mermaid Tail

by K. L. Parry

Part 5

Sunday morning began with a knock on her bedroom door. It was Sandra.

“The girls and I are going to church – wanna come? It’s a good place to make friends, especially the boy kind.”

“Not interested. Bye now.” Jade did not think twice about her response – her anger at God for ruining her life was reason enough not to attend church.

She waited for them to leave before exiting her room.

In the kitchen, Jade fixed up a bowl of cereal and was about to settle down in front of the TV when, again, she heard noises from the backyard.

Are you kidding me?

Still in her night clothes: a pair of sweatpants and one of her father’s tee-shirts, she marched out the back door, across the patio and to the pool where she found the boy who had caused her so much grief the day before.

“Hey there, Merboy! Did they not get enough footage yesterday? Thanks to you, my cousin thinks I’m a candidate for lithium!”

The young man in the pool looked up at her with a disarming smile. “If it isn’t the fair maiden who could only look prettier if she were wearing her tail.”

Jade was immediately flustered by the compliment. She swept it aside. “Look, just because I have a thing for mermaids doesn’t make it okay to tease me. And why would you want to…”

“It’s all in good fun, Jade. That is your name? I like it.”

That he knew her name confirmed her suspicions. Who else but John Helm would have told him? Jade crossed her arms defensively.

The young man continued. “Really. What could possibly happen? Join me for a short swim. Then, I’ll go.”

Jade quickly responded. “Yeah, I don’t think so. Something about getting into cars and pools with strangers gets my Spidey sense tingling.”

The young man chuckled. “Well, I don’t think Spider Man ever had to go up against a Merman. We’re not the master criminal type. Call me Pal.”

Jade frowned.

Fake name? Blatant violation.

“Seriously? Pal?” If her face had not show her contempt, her tone certainly did.

The smile fell from his face. “Actually, it’s Paloma. Pal‘s just easier for most people to remember.”

Jade felt a flush of shame bloom on her cheeks, then began to consider his request; after all, what was the worst that could happen – she’d get to live out one of her fantasies. Jade had always wanted to swim with other mermaids though she never considered a merman. What guy would ever put on a tail? But, now that one had – and an attractive one at that – the idea did appeal to her.


Jade was conflicted between “good sense” and her desires. She thought a moment longer while Pal flicked his tail at her like a teasing cat. “Okay, a very short swim. Then you leave. Agreed?”

“As you wish.” Pal answered.

And there it was again, that smile. Only this time a gleam of self-satisfaction shown behind his flirty look. For a split second Jade questioned her decision, then brushed it off and turned back to the house.

She forced her feet to keep to a walk, until she got inside. Then she ran for the bathroom and the bathing suit hung there the day before. She stumbled out of her clothes, fumbled into the suit then glance at herself in the mirror – her wish for a more womanly shape forgotten in her rush for the door.

Outside she found Pal at the deep end of the pool, lazing sheltered in the shadow of the diving board. She worked her way into her wet tail – a not-so-graceful maneuver, but one finally managed. Then she joined him in the pool, sliding into the shallower waters.

It was not nearly as cold as she remembered.

She eyed Pal as he pushed away from the ledge then watched him slip beneath the surface. He reemerged in front of her then tapped her on the shoulder. “You’re it!”

“Tag, seriously?”

“Don’t you think you can catch me?” Pal teased.

Jade considered herself an excellent swimmer. She had no doubt she could out maneuver him, fin and all.

“Oh, I will catch you.”

“Bring it!” Pal disappeared with a splash.

“That’s cheating!” Jade yelled out then went in after him.

Through the sun-filtered waters, she followed him to the deepest bottom. She was almost within reach when a light exploded with blinding brilliance. Jade’s instincts forced her eyes closed and propelled her upwards.

Reason told her the pool was 10 feet deep and yet she still had not reached the surface though she had swum that and more. Disoriented, Jade stopped and opened her eyes to get her bearings. Up ahead she saw Pal; his form fitted tail looking iridescent, swayed lazily back and forth – his brown hair fanned out about his handsomely chiseled face. He looked all the creature of myths.

Pal swam to her, reaching out and Jade allowed him to draw her in, wrapping her up in his arms.

Jade held back the urge to exhale though her lungs burned for release. She frantically fanned the waters with her tail as she urged them both up. To her horror, Pal’s grip only tightened, holding her to that place as the waters surrounding them churned. Her inner voice pleads he let go while outwardly she now struggled to free herself. Too late – she knew as she watched her last exhausted breath escape in bubbles passed her lips. Her doom pressed in on her and in that surreal moment, so too did Pal; his mouth pressed to hers as he gave her breath – then the vortex drew them in.