June Writing Contest

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Does this novel make me look fat? I am kidding, of course but I have noticed my waist-line thickening as my body of work grows. It seems the more time I spend at writing the less exercise I get and the tighter my clothes fit. I’ll have to find a fix for that – maybe I can download an ap. ūüėČ

There are loads of writing contest and grants available this month starting with:

  • Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund
    Individual Artist Grants for Women Рfor women poets and creative nonfiction writers. Entry fee $25.00 Deadline June 30 2014 Go to: http://demingfund.org/
  • Cider Press Review –¬†Editors’ Prize Book Award – Poetry. $25.00 entry fee. Deadline June 30 2014¬†Go to: http://ciderpressreview.com/

For more information on contest and grants go to Poets & Writers website http://www.pw.org/grants

And lastly, let me share a few tips to help boost your productivity. Here are two things I do my best to adhere to – most of the time.

  1. Establish a regular bedtime and rising – allowing yourself 8 hours sleep. We are more productive, more creative and in general happier when the body and mind is rested. The best way to achieve that is to establish a routine bedtime and rising time.
  2. Make a list. Each evening, before bed, maybe as you sip on a glass of wine Р list at least five things you would like to accomplish the following day. Not that you need to complete them all, but it helps keep the focus on productivity.

That is it for today, folks. Until Thursday – Write On!

~ K. L. Parry