Yogurtland – The Story Of One Woman’s Indomitable Spirit and Frozen Yogurt

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Happy to be here with you today.

I have a funny story.

I recently discovered the delights of frozen yogurt. In particular, the Yogurtland that moved into a small mini-mall down the street from me.

So, it is Friday evening, after dark, that I call my friend Jamie – he lives six blocks from me and only a block in the other direction from Yogurtland. I find him home and we establish that once he has finished with dinner we will go for dessert. I should tell you that in my mind I am feeling a little naughty. I had promised myself no more than a weekly trip to the frozen yogurt shop and had already collected on it days earlier. Still, my mind and taste-buds are set. I put on my sandals and strike out to walk.

Arriving at the street where my friend lives I realize for the first time how dark it is – the 80-year-old trees line up like soldiers, blocking moon light as well as street light. It makes for a dim crossing.

I pay careful attention to where I plant my feet until I reach Jamie’s lit yard.

The evening is beautiful. Bright stars twinkling above, a refreshing breeze blows through my hair, and the thought of Dutch Chocolate and Pecan Praline goodness teases my tongue. My friend and I stroll side by side along the paved walk towards Yogurtland.

And then it happens. I kick a sprinkler head.

You’ve seen them before: the old metal kind that, after time and intruding tree roots, manages to lift away from the ground and lean ever-so-slightly over the sidewalk.

I scream. I curse – the pain is excruciating.

Jamie asks me if I’m okay – should we go back – can you walk?

I answer him with yes – no – let’s go! Nothing, I mean nothing is going to keep me from my treat.

I have to rest a few times to deal with the pain but eventually my toes stop complaining and go numb.

Inside the frozen yogurt shop, I fill my container, adding an extra flavor to appease my injury – Peanut Butter. I even manage the walk home, though at a much slower pace after insisting to my friend that I would have no trouble at it.

Of course, once I am home, I put on my “see close” glasses and get a good look at my foot. There is no doubt that at least one toe is broken. Then I think to myself, it is a good thing that I made that extra trip to Yogurtland, it might be a while before I’m out walking again. 😉

Until Thursday – Write On!

~ K. L. Parry