Lumbering Noisily, Racket

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Living where I do in Burbank, California has some decided advantages; for one everything you could possibly need in within walking distance – a mile in any direction from my apartment. There is an airport, library, three grocery stores, numerous liquor stores, the downtown center with a mall and three theaters, another huge outdoor mall, veterinary facilities, gas stations – oh, I could go on. There really is nothing lacking other than a Zoo which if you jumped on your bicycle could easily be reached. That being said, what is not here is quiet.

I can not remember the last time I slept past 7:00 a.m. without something disturbing my snooze. If it is not trash trucks lumbering noisily down streets and alleyways then it is gardeners with their mowers and blower powering up at 7:01. This morning it was a city truck parked just outside my bedroom window doing “only God knows what” and making such a racket that the roar of it muted the rattling of an ancient air conditioner I have propped in my bedroom window.

Yes, there are some decided advantages to living in Burbank – quiet mornings in which to sleep in is not one of them.

Until tomorrow, Write On!

~ K. L. Parry