Reading What You Write

by klparry

Hello Friends!

“Reading what you write.”

It’s not what you think. What I mean is to read in the same style and genre of what you are currently writing.

I have read several posts that reaffirm how as writers we need to also be readers and all the various reasons listed. All valid, I might add.

Yet I haven’t come across one of the greatest benefits that I have found as a writer and that is this – reading keeps the mind in character. This is particularly helpful when writing Historical Fiction.

Like an actor that adopts the personality traits of a character they are playing so too, can the writer stay in touch with the time and mood of his/her characters.

I’ll be more specific. If you are writing a novel set during the Civil War, then read the same.  Look for works written in that time or about that time such as Twelve Years A Slave or Gone With The Wind. If you’re writing about pirates, read Treasure Island.

Memoirs are helpful though they can sometimes be a little slow for the adventure reader’s mind. Still it provides the writer with insight to how people thought, spoke and the social behaviors of the time.

I’ll be leaving you now to return to my read – In The Sargasso Sea,  written in 1898 by Thomas Allibone Janvier. It is fascinating and has already given me some great ideas for my next novel!

Until tomorrow, Write On!

~ K. L. Parry

Footnote: Many classics reads are now in the public domain and are free to download.