Short Story Prompts

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I am quite excited to be meeting up with my new Writers Group – it happens tonight! I’ve already formulated a plan for the next 10 weeks that I am hoping will culminate in a publishable novelette. I’ll give you a hint – picture this:

Sci-fi Thriller – Adventure – A secretive group of Scientist – and an Ex-Cop now Private Investigator by the name of Leonard Braverman.

Oh, and his friend Zeek!

Thought I’d use prompts each week to propel the story while taking a week off here and there to polish what  has already been written. I’ll share my out-line with you on the chance that you might want to join me in this fun kind-o-madness. These however are not the prompts that I am to be using – those remain a secret. I’d have to kill ya if I told ya… ha!  


Provided here are seven weeks of prompts interspersed with three FREE weeks according to our meeting schedule.

You choose the characters, past or present tense. Be consistent.

 1. (CHARACTER) counted the cash he/she/I had collected from the ATM. He/She/I turned around to find a man with a gun in his hand standing…

2. Every morning it was the same thing for (CHARACTER). He/She/I would put on a pot of coffee and get dressed as he/she/I waited for the coffee to brew. But today, things would be different…

Free Week: Polish up – based on critiques – 1 thru 2.

3. The weatherman said/says rain all day, and there was/is nothing (CHARACTER) could do about it…

4. (CHARACTER) said it was an accident, but was/is it, really….

5. The rain tap, tap, tapped against the windows as (CHARACTER) sat in the kitchen sipping his/her/my 10th cup of coffee. It was way past noon, yet he/she/I was still in his/her/my ratty bathrobe and bunny slippers. He/She/I didn’t care.

Free Week: Polish up _ based on critiques – 3 thru 5.

6. (CHARACTER) was/is sick and tired of being pushed around. Today he/she/I was finally going to do something about it.

7. Describe a St. Patrick’s Day parade appealing to all 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, hear.

Free Week 12: Polish up – based on critique – 6 thru 7.

Write one chapter each week based on the prompt. Email to fellow group members to be critiqued at the next meeting.

 At the end of 12 weeks you will have a Novelette – I hope! 

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~ K. L. Parry