Theories to the Disappearance of Flight MH370

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been the focus of media and conspiracy theorist for well over two weeks now. Like so many others, I too am baffled by the disappearance, watching daily for any report that will shed light on it and the fate of the plane’s passengers.

Living in an age where satellites in space can detect a dime on Earth’s sidewalks, it seems unbelievable that a 777 commercial jetliner – one of the largest planes in use – can go missing. That authorities continue to release information, recanted days later, adds to my belief there is something to hide – there is more to this incident than what they are willing to tell us.

And, lastly. How can authorities say, without doubt, that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean when there is no proof of any kind – admittedly speculating on the aircraft’s location.

Lets take a look at some of the current theories behind the disappearance of MH370 – these complied from Wikipedia.

1. The aircraft was seized to obtain classified patents from 22 Chinese employees of Austin-based Freescale. The company has developed a classified technology that uses paint and electronics to enable traditional aircraft to be overhauled into stealthy jets.

2. Extraterrestrial abduction.

3. Illuminati prior knowledge. No speculation on a plot. I’ve yet to make any sense of this one.

4. The aircraft was shot down as it flew through “non-friendly” airspace due to some failure to identify it as a commercial vehicle.  This has happened in the past.

5. The plane was hijacked by North Korea. Plausible, if the reason for the seizure is #1.

6. Cyber attack. Proposes that hackers may have changed the plane’s speed, direction, and altitude using radio signals to the plane’s flight management system. This could have been employed to aid hijackers or caused the plane to crash – but why.

7. The plane was either captured by the United States and then flown to the United States’ military base on Diego Garcia or that the plane landed at the base directly. Plausible, again,  if #1 is true.

My theory is terrorists, possibly jihadists, seized the plane, wanting it for use as a tool for a cataclysmic act of terrorism. I think “the powers that be” know exactly where the plane is and are right now planning or executing some covert operation to retrieve it and surviving passengers.

Of course, it is easy for me – from my comfy chair, in my safe, suburban apartment – to speculate on the fate of 239 passengers and crew – I know none of them. I am spared the grief those affected families are most assuredly experiencing.

Whatever the outcome – however this puzzling scenario unfolds – my thoughts and prayers are with the people on flight 370 along with their families and communities.

Until tomorrow – Write on!

~ K. L. Parry