The Fad of Present Tense in Fiction

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Forgive my absence yesterday, I was busy cooking, hiking and eating with my oldest son and his girlfriend who are visiting during their college break.

I did sneak a nap in.

Let’s talk about present tense, the latest craze in fiction writing.

My first introduction to this fad – which I hope it is – started with the Hunger Games series moving to Patrick Ness’s The Chaos Walking Trilogy and on into a series I’m reading by independent author, Davis Estes, The Dwellers.

As you have probably guessed, I am not a fan of the present tense style. I find it awkward and shallow, sometimes including thoughts or actions that are not necessary – even cluttering up the story, and in the case of book two of The Chaos Walking Trilogy – too harried. It also – in my opinion – feels juvenile. What I mean by that, is it reminds me of early beginning readers books, Dick and Jane.

“See Spot run. Run, Spot, run.”

I’d like to make clear that I did enjoy the titles I’ve listed above, particularly Ness’s The Knife of Never Letting Go – which I thought was brilliant. This one book is the stand out, for me. Having said that, I can also say  – with certainty – that I will not be re-reading any of the titles mentioned as I do with other authors. One pass was sufficient.

To read more on the subject follow the link to an article found on Writer’s Digest.

What do you think of writing fiction in the present tense?

Until tomorrow – Write on!

~ K.L. Parry