Let Yourself Imagine It.

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Interesting stuff today.

First was a phone call I received from a friend inquiring if I had written any Science Fiction that I could see as a two hour film. As it so happened, I did!

Listen – I’m not getting my hopes up. Even if he likes what I’ve written it is a huge process to go from that to film – where it can fall into a hole, never to be seen again.

Still, let yourself imagine it – as the credits roll by.

Screen Play Based On A Short Story

 By K.L. Parry

Tee, hee!

The other thing I wanted to share was an item I ran across this morning on Yahoo. It is hilarious! Do check out the article that comes complete with visual aids. I’ve added in some of my own comments below.


10 Things To Never Say To A Flight Attendant 

1. Can you watch my kids? (Maybe while you dash off to the bathroom.)

2. Fetch me… (That is just rude.)

3. Stewardess? (They don’t like that name.)

4. Wait, What Kind of Drinks Do You Have? (Working in customer service – questions that you may think are stupid come with the job – sorry fight attendants.)

5. Can You Lift My Bag? (If it’s that heavy, you should have checked it.)

Follow the link above to read the rest.

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~K.L. Parry