Saint Paddy’s Day

by klparry

Hello Friends!

It’s March 17th, Saint Patty’s  Paddy’s Day!             Unknown

Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland was actually born somewhere in Roman Britain during the 4th century – kidnapped as a child by Irish raiders, then set to work as a shepherd for 6 years until his escape.

Returned to his homeland, Patrick became a priest then went back to the country where he had been a slave, to spread the teaching of Christianity.

The story of Saint Patrick driving all the snakes from Ireland is a metaphor for his mission – the snakes representing paganism. The shamrock, a three-leaf clover, he used to represent the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Over the centuries wearing the color green came to replace the wearing of the clover.

In the 17th century the Catholic Church made St Patrick’s Day an official day of celebration, marking the day of Patrick’s passing – March 17th (in the year of 461, according to Wikipedia). It is celebrated across the globe. Here is a list of some of those countries.

Ireland, Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Montserrat, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, United Sates, and the International Space Station.

So, there you have it – in a nut shell – the history behind St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy!

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~ K. L. Parry