Pacing – Avoiding Those Beaver Dams

by klparry

Hello Friends!

As some of you may remember from previous posts,  I am enrolled in a writing class. In that class, along with weekly writing assignments, we are to read the works of our fellow classmates, then critique. Having done this now for several weeks there is one common mistake that I am continually coming across – it has to do with an aspect of pacing.

I’m not sure how best to describe pacing but I see it like this – good pacing allows a story to unfold easily and seamlessly – like a current that pushes the story along quickly in some places, slowing in others. Bad pacing is choppy, jumping from one event or thought to another, roughly. Bad pacing is like a beaver dam on a stream – it breaks the story’s flow taking the reader out of that sweet place of continuity.

Pacing is easy to fix. Sometimes it is just a matter of rearranging your paragraphs and or sentences to get a smooth read and a clearer picture of what is happening in your story.

I’ve included a few links to sites that talk in more depth about pacing. My advice would be just to read more so that you can see how good pacing works. 🙂

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~ K. L. Parry