Zoning Out!

by klparry

Hello Friends!

Flashbacks of my first and only full year of college is the topic of my blog today and what I experienced last night while in attendance of my writing class. It was American History 101 all over again as I found myself zoning out to the drone of my instructor’s voice and wondering how many cashews I’d snacked on and what the story was on the fellow sitting across from me.

Really, the instructor isn’t horrible and that this is his first time teaching a class probably explains why he is often addressing us head down and in low and mumbling tones. It can’t be easy to have 25 sets of eyes watching and waiting for you to deliver some gem of wisdom.

I get it!

But my understanding of his justified insecurities doesn’t help me stay focused or keep me from eating out of boredom, half a can of cashews. Fortunately, there are others around me I can ask questions from – that don’t seem to have the short attention span I obviously possess.

I’ll add, I think it best I not bring any more snacks. 😉

Here’s a writing prompt taken from yesterday’s class.

I used to think….

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~ K.L. Parry