What Happened to Free TV ?

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I’m irked! Irked by the fact that I can’t watch the Olympic games on my computer without signing up for a paid television service other than my internet provider.

I can watch it for free if I had an iPhone or a tablet, and of course, if I paid for television service through one of the nation’s cable/digital providers. But I don’t. I’m one of the growing number of citizens that have made other choices – that have had enough of high cost subscriptions to such companies as Charter, Direct TV and AT&T for a service that had been free.

Oh, sure. They lure you in with their specials – “Bundle for $59.99”. In three months it creeps up to $89.99 – and soon you’re looking at a $159.00 charge.

So what happened to FREE TELEVISION? Is it still out there in the rural mountains of Tennessee? Is there some place in the Nevada desert where folks can  receive signals for channels 2 thru 13 with only the use of rabbit ears or an aerial antenna placed on their roof?

Remembering the day that all of Southern California went to digital feeds, I’m supposing that answer to be ‘no’. Now it cost more than a day’s wage to watch something that until a few years ago was completely free.

Coming from someone who thought free television was my right as an American citizen, I am appalled.

How did this happen!?

Is this the beginning of the end!?

Oh, no, Mister Bill!

Until tomorrow – if we’re all still here 😉  Write On!

~ K.L. Parry