First Day of School and Do-It-Yourself Web Sites

by klparry

Hello Friends,

As I’ve stated in earlier posts, this year my focus is to actively work at improving my writing skills. That being said, last night I attended the first of eight classes at my local Adult School – “Writing Memoirs and Fiction”.

What a turd I am. The minute the instructor informed us it was an interactive class, I couldn’t stop talking. Guess I was a little wound up. I’m sure my table-mates found me quite annoying. Well, let’s hope I can relax and shut up long enough to actually get something out of it.

Yesterday I wrote about setting goals, citing one as an Author’s Web Page.

I’ve had two. The first was a dual website, created by a professional web-page designer. It featured my novel on one page with my bio on another along with links to my blog and book store.

The site was beautiful but I couldn’t do anything with it. I couldn’t update or tweak, myself, any of the content on the site – it was too complicated. I wanted more control.

The second one and the site I am currently using is here on WordPress. You’re looking at it right now. I set this up, (all by myself), with two static pages – one that shows my work with links to where it can be found and another that introduces the blog. I’ve also placed a link to a separate Bio page that shows at the bottom of each post. It has everything the professional page had, but this one I can actually manage myself.

If you’re looking to create you own Free Web Site here is another resource for you to check out. Copy and paste the link below to your browser.

Don’t forget you can turn your blog into a website too just as I did using the tutorials WordPress provides. It’s not that complicated, any thirteen year-old can probably do it. So if you run into some trouble find a thirteen-year-old to help you out 😉

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~K.L. Parry