Thumbs Up Goldbergs!

by klparry


Hello Friends!

As much as I love to write and as serious as I take it I still need my down time which is usually reserved for the last two hours of the evening before I hit the pillow. This is also my TV viewing time and last night it was with ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs’.

This is a hilarious and heart warming sitcom set in 80’s suburbia about a middle class American family. There’s an overbearing, over protective, meddling  but well-meaning mother, a father that drops his pants at the door once he’s arrived home from work, (literally) and their three children who’s ages range from middle school to high school – teen girl, teen boy and a video camera wielding younger brother.

Now I know it sounds like a half-dozen other shows that have aired but this one is special and what makes so, in my opinion, is the writing – oh, and the clips of real home video which play at the end of each episode – yes, most seem to be based on real life events and situations that took place in the real Goldbergs’ household.

The fact that it’s a Happy Madison Production may explain why it’s so funny and relatable – it’s Adam Sandler’s company (I believe).

So here’s a thumbs up to the Goldbergs on ABC who have made it to my favorites list on Hulu. I hope you get a chance to check them out – unless you don’t like funny 😉

Until tomorrow – Write On!

~ K.L. Parry