Day 8 of Simple Writing Exercises

by klparry

Have you ever thought about your branding – your writer’s platform – what it is you want people to identify you with?

I recently have, thinking I need to come up with a new category for what it is that I like to write. Lets see? Pirates, Mermen, life changing adventures – sounds like Peter Pan tales without the eternal youth, (accepting the fact my stories are darker than what’s been depicted on stage and though movies).

I’ve got it!

Neverlandish! How about Pan-ology!? Or Pan-land fiction! As defined by me, a stirring tale involving characters you’d find in Neverland.

Are you going for it?

Perhaps I should give this more thought. 😉

In the meantime – on to our assignment as plotted out by Brian A Klems in A 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises.

8. Rewrite a fairy tale from the bad guy’s point of view.

Have fun with that.

Until tomorrow, Write On.

~K. L. Parry