Day 7 Writing Exercise

by klparry

Hello Friends!

We have passed the mid-way point in A 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises outlined by Brian A Klems at Writer’

Yesterday was a quiet day here on WordPress. No doubt many of you had plans for the holiday and were absent. Do look back to yesterday’s post here for what has been my favorite exercise to this point. You can see past posts with a short scroll down, just below my most recent post. Look for the BUTTON that reads OLDER POSTS or PREVIOUS POST.

And speaking of past post let me say something about day 5’s poem writing exercise. I wrote the worst poem ever. EVER! I mean it was really bad – so bad it’s beyond ever fixing. But it did make me laugh.

And, without further adieu, here is #7

Write a letter to yourself telling you what you need to improve in the coming 6 months. 

I guess mine should start with studying poetry 😉

Until tomorrow, Write On!

~K.L. Parry