Interview with K. L. Parry – that’s me!

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I’m starting out the year by updating my sites, one of which is Smashwords where I have an author’s interview posted. Since none of you has probably seen it, I thought I’d post it here at WordPress on the off chance you might read it and learn something new about me – or not.

I hope you find it enlightening or at least, entertaining 😉

Until next week – write on, my friends!

~ K.L. Parry


Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

My first 12 years was spent in different towns in several different states – four to be exact, though I’ll keep the particulars of which four to myself. It was a wonderful time in my life. Well, mostly wonderful if you don’t count the “moving”. I hated that. Particularly when I was about ten and about the time I’d begun to develop a mild curiosity for boys. Okay, so it was one boy. Nevertheless, I hated moving – the “having to leave behind my friends and interest, and all the familiar haunts and places I’d not yet explored” part of moving. But, back to the good stuff.

My sisters and I were allowed a tremendous amount of freedom and we took advantage of it to explore as far as our legs would carry us. We’d always find ourselves a secret place – at one time it was a hollowed out honeysuckle bush where we would go to plot out our next adventure. Of course that was a different time, when the world was smaller and people were less afraid. Or, perhaps I was just that fearless – which was true most of the time. Why, before early puberty cursed me with the woes of womanhood, I’d rarely even suffered a nightmare except this one time I dreamed a crocodile was after me – though it might have been an alligator – I’m not sure. I did escape it. I sprouted wings and flew away.

Wow! I’ve slipped the track a little so I’ll stop here and redirect to the question of how did this influence my writing. I’ll answer that question with this statement.

“I write what I know, what I’ve seen and what I can imagine and I’ve accumulated lots of material to help me with that.”

When did you first start writing?

I can’t remember exactly when I first started writing, but it was during Junior High School – Middle School as they call it now – when I really developed a love for writing. I wrote for and worked on putting together the school paper and took up writing songs in my free time – making up the melodies on my guitar. I was much better with writing lyrics than playing guitar 😉

What inspired your latest written work?

The inspiration for “Girl in the Mermaid Tail” came after attending a Mermaid Convention in Las Vegas. I was there promoting my novel “The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom” along with another author’s book, Kohana Au’s “Tales of the Mermaids of Waiahuakua”. I sold more of his books than I did of my own, go figure. Any – who, it was during the four hour drive home to Cali that the idea came to write about a mermaid in Las Vegas. Imagine that!

What motivated you to become an indie author?

Honestly, I needed the validation. I worked so hard on that first manuscript – there were days that I never saw the sun, never got out of my jammies. I would write from ten in the morning until two the next morning. I would write until I was blind with exhaustion – literally! I pushed myself, neglected everything including my own needs. So you see, once I’d finished, I just couldn’t leave it a document on my computer – I was too invested and somewhat obsessed. I wanted, needed, had to see it complete – printed, bound and between hard covers.

I gotta tell ya, it was good to hold that first in print copy – to run my hand over that cover, to flip through those nice crisp pages – to put my signature on the first page. Oh, yeah – it was very good.

Okay, so I had to later pull it for re-editing – several times in fact and I’m still tweaking that manuscript because the first 20 edits don’t count. And I think, at least, that is what I hope will separate me from all the other wanna-bes. It’s that I’m not just writing for myself but I’m writing for you and I truly, sincerely want you to have my very best work.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

Well, I haven’t earned much from my writing yet so I thought it smart to keep at the paying gig, which is where a big chunk of my time is spent. But in between that and writing I do find time to hike and snap a picture or two – I fancy myself a photographer. I’ve even been known, on a few occasions, to practice videography when something cool presents itself.

I’ve got a couple of hilarious shorts on youtube 😉

Published 2014-01-08.