Improving Oneself

by klparry

Hello Friends!

I do hope everyone made a delightful time of the Holidays.

As we enter into this new year I’ve had a few days to think on my goals for 2014. Of course at the top of my list is to complete the last major revision to my novel, The Pirate’s Daughter and a King’s Ransom. But, I’ve also set some other goals. Like making use of that gym membership I’ve been paying for – dropping a few pounds – and establishing a daily writing routine. I’ve also decided to sign up for a Writing Class at the local Adult School – there is always room to improve oneself. And, after that, I’m going to look into taking some sort of marketing class.

So how about you? What goals have you set for 2014?

Until next week friend, Write On!

~ K.L. Parry