Na No, Na No!

by klparry

Hello Friends,

– and na no na no!

No, it’s not Mork from Ork returned  but my shout out to all those frantic writers participating in National Novel Writing Month.

“Hey! Your doing GREAT! Keep it up!”

The last time I looked there were 285,503 writers engaged in the challenge to produce 50,000 words in 30 days.

As of this morning, November 6th, I have produced 5305 words with 44,695 to go.

Yikes! Looks like I’ve fallen a bit behind <:/ But, that’s not the least of my worries. It seems that I’ve already progressed to the halfway point in my story line.


At this rate I’ll reach the end short some 40,000 words.

Not good.

Perhaps a “seat of the pants” approach was not the best idea. Maybe I should have formulated a more structured out-line or plotted how many words each chapter should contain – possibly done a little more research on the subjects I’m writing about so I would have more to say. Even chosen a different story-line, one that I had already formulated.

Yup, I probably should have done all those things.

So I’m thinking of rethinking my strategy if I can find time to think about it after not thinking too hard about what I’m writing.

In the meantime, here’s a cheer for all you fellow fallen behinders.

Forgetaboutit! Just have fun!

Have a great week my friends and Write On 🙂

~ K.L. Parry