Prompts, Love Ride and Carne Asada

by klparry

Hello my friends and Happy Wednesday or Thursday, or whatever day of the week it is that you read this!

Believe you me when I say, I know how it is when you can’t find your groove.

I’ve been sick with the flu for the last week and a half and though I know I have an editing project that needs my attentions – like how! – I have not been able to bring myself to work on it.

So what do I do when that happens?

Well, this week I took on a prompt. In this instance, two sentences were given me with the instruction that I use them at the beginning of a short story.

Funny how the imagination kicks in when there’s no pressure!

Now I have a short-story to throw in the pile of “stuff-I-might-do-something-with-once-I-finally-finish-my-novel”.

There is a Facebook community: Writers Write that delivers a Daily Prompt. (

Also some Goodreads Groups sponsor small creative writing contests.  No cash prizes, just kudos from your peers and the chance to pick next month’s read.

That’s cool, too!?

Still, life is about more than writing that best-selling novel. I truly believe the more experiences one has – the deeper the well of inspiration one has to draw from.

Despite being on the tail-end of “feeling-like-crap”, I attended the 30th Love Ride hosted by Glendale Harley Davidson. A day long fund-raising event packed with motorcycles, music and fun. Performing on stage were Katey Sagal, Jackshit (not kidding), Jackson Browne and Chevy Metal.

Let’s not forget the food!

I had the best-ever carna asada off one of the food trucks there – still thinking about it- yum! 

Now I don’t ride but I wasn’t the only one among the folks that came out for this worthy event that featured the USO as its fund-raising recipient. Paul Mitchell Salons was even there with shears in hand, cutting hair for charity.

I got me a shag-cut and I swear the guy sitting across from me was Jackson Browne, himself!

And, I played at photographer and videographer with my little, extremely out-dated, and somewhat “worse for the wear”, Canon PowerShot A460. 

If you’d like to check out a few of my pics from Love Ride 30, head on over to my Facebook page – K.L.Parry – Author, and for the video, “Jackson Browne/Love Ride 30” go to youtube. You can also find a link on my Facebook page.

Until next week –


and Write On, my friends 😉

Chevy Metal w/Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins

Chevy Metal w/ Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins was one of the bands performing at Love Ride 30