Exercise, Moon Dwellers and Impressionist

by klparry

This week’s post was inspired by fellow blogger, agent and author Rachelle Gardner who wrote about “what we give up”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read the entire post due to technical difficulties but it gave me the idea to touch on the one thing you shouldn’t give up as a writer and that is your Health.

Writing is cerebral, requiring very little of our corporeal being. So while the act of writing works to stimulate the brain it does very little, if nothing at all to engage the rest of our body.

We must not forget that our bodies need exercise as well, whether it be a 30 minute walk, a bicycle ride or just to dance around the living room to your favorite tunes. Remember, your brain will benefit as well from the increased blood flow that physical exertion provides – and if your brain benefits so will your writing.

That means exercise for the body is good for your writing!

Who knew!?  😉


Onto another topic.

I’m near to completing my read of The Moon Dwellers by David Estes. (He is one of the many talented authors that can been found on Goodreads – a site I highly recommend for readers and writers alike.) Here is a little brief on David’s book which, by the way, I am quite enjoying.

The story takes place on a post apocalyptic Earth where humankind has abandoned the surface for the safety of caves carved into the deepest regions of the earth’s crust. Society has been divided into three distinct classes, each separated and distinguished by their distance from the surface – and are ruled by a rigid patriarchal leader. Life is difficult for the majority, and particularly for seventeen-year-old Adele who has been unjustly imprisoned for her parents’ crime of treason.

If you’d like to read this first in a series, you can download The Moon Dwellers for FREE through Amazon Kindle. I think this is a limited time offer so don’t take too long to get your copy.


Here is a little something that might be news to those of you that are only mildly familiar with the Impressionists Movement in art beginning around the late 1800’s. Fans of  one of the most well-known Impressionists, Claude Monet, might not know that towards the end of his career he painted from memory due to the cataracts that eventually clouded his vision.

That bit of trivia was delivered to me from wisegeek.com. Go check them out!


Until next week – write on, my Friends – then do a little dancing 🙂

~ K.L. Parry


Water Lilies - Claude Monet

Water Lilies – Claude Monet





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