Crap, Batman and Christopher Columbus!

by klparry

This week, as usual, I wrangled with what I should post on my Blog. Should it be writing advice, (of which I’m only minimally qualified to dish out).  How about sharing a personal exploit? Or, should it be something enlightening, exposing some news worthy truth?

Then I got to thinking. Why not post about all three!?

So, here it is.

First, writing advice. If you know it’s crap, don’t waste your time.  Let me rephrase this incase you didn’t get it. If you don’t like it, don’t expect others to.

I’m speaking in general terms but also emphasizing on your writing. If you’ve composed something  you’re not crazy about, I can guaranty that others are not going to like it either. Don’t waste your valuable time on a project you know is no good.

I did this over the last month and I could kick myself for it … so could my editor for writing something I knew from the start was crap.

Second, personal exploit! As an update to last week’s post, I FOUND THE BATCAVE! And, have documented it through a home-video viewable on youtube. No, I’ve no acting aspirations, (thank God, for your sake). I hope you get a laugh, I sure did. Here’s the link If that doesn’t work just go to youtube and type in “In Search of the Batcave”. I think it’s the third video listed.

Last, something enlightening about Christopher Columbus told in an entertaining yet very informative post from The Oatmeal.

Wow, that Columbus was a scalawag!

Until next week – Write On, my Friends!

~ K.L. Parry