YoU ARe Not ALonE

by klparry

Feeling discouraged – that you’re best efforts just aren’t good enough? Are you experiencing a crisis of Faith – Faith in yourself?

You are not alone. I have felt this way, as I’m certain countless others in the pursuit of their dreams have.

It is hard, at times, to keep up the momentum and the positive attitude. It’s hard to hang onto a goal that may seem so far out of reach, especially when we are bombarded with blogs and web sites that emphasis all the difficulties – delivering a continuous barrage of cold hard discouraging facts. Oh, and let’s not forget the critiques. Though helpful, sometimes the last thing you want to be reading when you’re in the funk is a detailed account of your inadequate punctuation skills.

(Yea, that was me last week.)

Just try to keep in mind that we all suffer through bouts of self-doubt – we all get discouraged. It is part of the process, painful though it may be.

If you can, go back to some of your earliest writing. Find a paper you’d written in High School or an old Diary or maybe even the first novel you attempted to write and never completed, packed away in a box of keepsakes. Read it and let the memory of composing that work come to you. Reacquaint yourself with the passions that lead you to put words to paper and remind yourself that you are a writer and writing is what you must do.

Now that you’re feeling better, quit lolly gagging around! Get back to that keyboard or typewriter, or pen and paper. Let’s write!