Chaotic Organization

by klparry

No, I did not post last Thursday, (Friday for some of you :)). My posting day has changed to Monday, which might be Tuesday, ha!

Chaotic organization. It’s not an oxymoron! As stated by Thietart and Forgues in the article; Chaos Theory and Organization,

“Many authors have stressed the existence of continuous processes of convergence and divergence, stability and instability, evolution and revolution in every organization. This article argues that these processes are embedded in organizational characteristics and in the way organizations are managed.”

Too heady?

How about this definition according to Urban Dictionary.

“Chaotic Organization is the term used to describe an area, room, etc. which looks extremely messy, but the owner knows exactly where everything is.”

You’ve seen it on TV and in the movies – the writer at his desk with papers, books and musings piled high, spread out and spilling off of every surface in his work space. He goes to look for something and miraculously finds it buried under a three foot stack of books in the middle of a cluster of stacked books, covered in years of dust.

If you are one of those that can live and work efficiently under chaotic conditions, congratulations – you may skip to the end credits.

For the rest of us, do yourself a favor. Keep your work space organized by using some sort of filing system wether it be classifying bookmarks for pages you reference on-line or/and some sort of filing system for hard copy reference material. It will not only save you time but also money.

The back story on this particular blog has to do with my own disorganization which I finally decided to put an end to. I was quite surprised to discover as I was going through my stuff, that I had duplicated research papers and had even bought a reference book that I already had.

Ay caramba! To think of all the time I spent looking for stuff when I could have been writing 😉

Until next, write on my friends!

K. L. Parry ~ author