Write What You Know

by klparry

What is meant by the quote, “Write what you know”?

Particularly in regards to fiction, this bit a advise may seem absurd since much of what you’re writing comes from your imagination. But, taken out of the literal form it makes a lot of sense especially when applied to the characters in your stories.

As a writer, every character that I’ve birthed has had his or her origins in the real world. They are caricatures of people I’ve known, possessing bits and pieces of familiar personality traits, mannerisms and even physical attributes.

Of course, you might want to keep your model’s identity a secret especially if the character you’ve written is flawed. And always stand by that blurb in the front of your book that expounds – “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” (I need to remember to include that – 😉 )

Check out Nick Enlowe’s blog and his expanded explanation on this subject. (I don’t know much about him but I liked what he had to say.)  http://5-rings.com/2013/01/misunderstood-quotes-from-famous-authors-write-what-you-know/

Until next week, write on my friends.

~K.L. Parry