You can’t possibly UN-PUBLISH, can you?

by klparry

CRAP! Is that what you’re saying?

So, you’ve self-published your work through one of the numerous sites advertising on-line, (lets say it’s Amazon Kindle), then after a week or a month or a year goes by you decide that the novel you have published is not finished – you’ve re-read it and found something IMPORTANT needs to be fixed or that you could make it better – or as in my case, you found a real, honest-to-goodness editor that is willing to help you tweak your manuscript.

But, CRAP! You’ve already published, you’ve already sold books, you are already in full-on marketing mode and the book cover is airing on a popular ABC Family show! You can’t possibly UN-PUBLISH, can you?

The answer to that is YES – yes you can.

Listen up. When it comes to self-published works there are no rules. That’s the beauty of it. Just be certain that you’re pulling back that manuscript for valid reasons and not because you spotted one or two misspelled words on page 301. Be certain that your reasons for doing so will make noticeable and needed changes to what you had published.

Until next week – write on, my friends 🙂

– K.L. Parry


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