by klparry

Hi Folks! Yup, I’m back from hiatus with a wealth of knowledge and a novelette. Are my insights new? Probably only to me. Still, I think part of remembering the lessons is to impart them to others. Through my own trials and errors and from reading other’s blogs I’ve learned the importance of having other people look at my work with a critical eye.

There is nothing like writing the last line to a manuscript that you’ve invested years of your life into writing. You think it’s perfect, your family loves it and your friends praise what you’ve done. So you take the next step; you self publish and send your book out for review. If you’re unlucky, you’re reviewer will write something like this:

“There are instances in the writing that need to be re-edited but other than that, this is a fantastic read and highly recommended.”

It sounds good, but what that person is not saying is that your manuscript needs more work.

People don’t want to read a book that isn’t polished. And, by that I mean, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. It’s distracting and takes the enjoyment out of the read if the text is riddled with awkward sentences, improper use of commas and the likes. Truly, readers don’t and most won’t struggle through a book regardless of how intriguing the plot may be or how engaging the character are.

Until you’ve found someone to do a REAL impartial edit on your manuscript – put it aside. Start working on the sequel or a short-story.

Oh, here’s some info. on my latest published work – Girl in the Mermaid Tail. Available through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.com

The publication of the 34 page novelette is a fund-raising venture to aid in the continued care and support of Kris Moser. Earlier this year, Kris fell victim to an extremely rare autoimmune disorder: NMDA Receptor Encephalitis – leaving him with no short-term memory and requiring around the clock care.

Until next time, write on!

~ K.L. Parry