Bicycle and Writing?

by klparry




You’ll ride that bicycle more if you keep it parked in the livingroom, where you can see it.


True. True for bicycling and many other things in life. But in this post I’m referring specifically to my bicycle.


What does this have to do with writing, you ask?


Everything. It’s the little break from the hours spent at the computer and that release from the frustration that it can sometimes bring.



I have been frantically working at getting my re-edited version of The Pirate’s Daughter uploaded to Amazon Kindle and Blurb error free, before the August 21st airing of Pretty Little Liars @ 8:00 pm on ABC. (Error free, funny, ha, ha!). It’s been time-consuming, tedious and frustrating, to say the least.


And, yes, I am still working on it.


So, in an effort to help relieve myself of some of that stress, I’ve started riding my bicycle. It’s been great! Just  a 20 minute ride around the neighborhood and usually after 6:00 pm when the daytime temperature has dropped. I even went so far as to park it in the living room so I’d have it conveniently at hand. I don’t know about you but once something goes in the garage, I usually forget about it until Christmas when I have to move it to get to my ornament boxes.


Until next week @funstuffblogandreviews, write on my friends. Oh, and ride your bike. Or get yourself a hula hoop.




~ K.L. Parry ~ Author of The Pirate’s Daughter And a King’s Ransom